Montego Bay, Jamaica

Bio: Sometimes life's like a jigsaw puzzle, but in retrospect, life's simply what you make it. Nevertheless, I'm cognisant that even when we're down, giving up should never be an option. As cliché as it may sound, I consider myself a needle in a haystack. As a personal and professional quality, I take pride; knowing I'm always willing to go beyond the point of duty to ensure valid work gets done. In just 1 year, I acquired true knowledge and various achievements of corporate trust; customer service and some of the highest levels of professionalism. Throughout all my experiences, I've been able to add numerous attributes to my repertoire that can and will prove to be mutually beneficial. I've managed to climb a far way up the corporate ladder, and continuously await all further possibilities coming my way. Gadgets are truly my passion, and as such do pride myself in my tech-savvy approach toward all tasks at hand. Sometimes, it is the very direct approach that'll get the job done properly. That's me, I like when clients can see what we're trying to do the minute I set out in doing it; grabs their attention. I'm glad to have been paired with some of the best of the best within all kinds of industries. I've always said there's no "I" in "TEAM", hence there's nothing wrong with "TEAMWORK". I'm very sociable, I love to enjoy life and the many challenges thrown at me, and eager to explore all possible realms of business. #livefunner #goodstuff #iamme™

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